Sealants services offered in Seattle, WA

A healthy smile relies on proper daily oral hygiene, but kids aren’t always the best at brushing and flossing. Consequently, dental sealants can help protect their teeth, and they are among the services available from Seattle Crown Hill Dental in Seattle, Washington. To learn more about sealants, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Sealants Q & A

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are a treatment that reduces the risk of dental decay by creating a physical barrier between the chewing surfaces of your teeth and the environment within your mouth. They are most often used in pediatric dentistry at Seattle Crown Hill Dental, although some adults with special needs or advanced age can also benefit from sealants. 

Sealants are made of a special type of plastic and other dental materials. Your dentist thoroughly cleans your teeth and checks for active decay. They usually place sealants on the molars (back teeth).

Next, your dentist paints a special gel onto the biting surface of each molar to help the sealant adhere properly. Once they apply the sealant material, a special light helps the material quickly harden, creating an effective barrier.  

What are some benefits of dental sealants?

The biting surfaces of your molars are covered in tiny crevices and areas that are rough and uneven. These surface irregularities are natural, but they also provide plenty of places for plaque and bacteria to hide. 

Kids often lack the brushing ability needed to remove all traces of plaque and bacteria each day. Many kids also enjoy sticky and sugary foods, which easily become lodged in the contouring of their molars. 

Dental sealants protect these vulnerable areas of teeth with a smooth layer. Your child can more easily clean their teeth each day, reducing the risk of developing dental decay. Removing or replacing sealants is a fast, easy, and painless process. 

Do dental sealants harm teeth?

The materials in dental sealants are safe and effective. Sealants have an outstanding safety track record and won’t harm your or your child’s teeth. 

Created from plastic, sealants do contain very small amounts of BPA. However, the volume of BPA is perfectly safe, and your child receives more exposure from contact with dust, store receipts, and other common substances. 

Not only are dental sealants safe, but they also offer a chance to protect teeth from dental decay. Every time a tooth needs restoration with a filling, a portion of natural tooth tissue is lost. Sealants help preserve teeth and reduce the need for restorative treatments. 

To learn more about sealants, call Seattle Crown Hill Dental or book an appointment online today.